Voice ICs(260)

AUI Enabled Series-M4

The Nuvoton ARM??Cortex?-M4 based?AUI Enabled series have integrated DSP extension and Floating Point Unit into the system which can run up to 200MHz. The system-on-chip (SOC) device is equipped with a variety of peripherals such as Multi-Function Timers, Watchdog Timers, RTC, PDMA, UART, SPI, I2C, PWM, GPIO, 12-bit ADC, USB1.1 Device, Low voltage reset and Brown-out Detector.


In addition, it can also support plenty of audio peripherals such as I?S, DMIC and audio DPWM modulator. With up to 512KB of flash and up to 192KB of SRAM, it is ideal for many applications of audio processing, communication interface and high computing power.



  • Audio Processing Platform
  • IoT audio front end
  • Consumer Products
  • Industrial Automation
  • Home Automation
  • Security Alarm system
  • System Supervisors